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It was turn-of-the-century Ireland when Sheila O'Reilly, the fiery red-headed beauty, met and married handsome Ian McManus. She never imagined their life together would take them far across the ocean to start a new life in America. As poor, Irish immigrants, they settled in a Lower East Side tenement and their new life began.

Their story is a legacy of love and tragedy that is woven through the generations. We are introduced to Aidan's granddaughter, Nora, at his funeral and taken back through the years to the inspiring and heartwarming, yet often tragic stories that span a century.

The title story in this collection of short stories tells the tale of three sisters who wanted to honor their mother and celebrate her eighty-fifth birthday. Sadly, she had passed away the year before, but that didn't deter them. They found a heartwarming way to celebrate her life, and it led them on an unexpected journey that ultimately changed their lives. The rest of the stories run the gamut from sweet and sentimental, to thought-provoking, and perhaps a little twisted, with a bonus supernatural novella at the end. I hope you enjoy the journey.

It was a cold, dark morning and Randy, the assistant manager of a designer coffeehouse, was on her way to work. She knew that the early risers who were desperate for their caffeine fix would be waiting anxiously for her to turn her key in the door. Randy would navigate her day through the diverse myriad of customers whose private lives and secret stories were a world unto themselves. Randy expected nothing in her life to change, but little did she know that an unexpected twist of fate would change her life forever.

In this sequel to FIFTY SHADES OF GREEN, Randy has moved on to her new life as Innkeeper and her story is woven through the  private lives of the guests behind their closed doors. There is again an unexpected twist of fate in store for Randy that she never saw coming.

The title says it all. A short story collection from sweet and tender to stories that are dark and bizarre - enjoy the journey down a twisted road
This is book #1 in this time travel series THE TRAVEL KIDS.

Bobby was ten years-old and his greatest pleasure was to torment his older sister, Amanda. He was always doing things to gross her out. Her greatest wish was for him to disappear. Little did she know she was about to get her wish.

This is book #2 in this time travel series THE TRAVEL KIDS.


Henry and Eva, the travel kids, are whisked away to a faraway, tropical island to save a princess in  trouble. What terrible fate awaits her and will they be able to save her in time? And what might be the terrible fate that awaits them, too?  

This is book #3 in this time travel series THE TRAVEL KIDS.


Henry and Eva have been whisked away again and this time they found themselves in ancient Egypt. Why were they there, and what dangers would they face in the land of the pyramids and secret curses? 



Judith Sessler author

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